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Investment Advice

Gateway employs a three-step process to deliver effective and thoughtful investment management services.

  1. Asset Allocation — Develop financial profile; conduct stress test; determine overriding financial strategy

    • Develop a purposeful and practical action plan
    • Align finances with family values and aspirations
    • Synchronize individual elements and goals into a coherent whole
    • Grow your wealth as your family grows
  2. Tactical Strategy — Conduct fundamental and technical analyses; select investments

    • Apply a consistent methodology
    • Employ a robust and flexible framework
    • Pursue a top down approach to identify strong sectors
    • Utilize relative strength to select likely outperformers
    • Execute timely trades for offensive / defensive posture
  3. Risk Management — Protect asset base; establish an investment exit point

    • Employ timely and exacting risk management methodology
    • Adhere to a philosophy of stewardship and prudence
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