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How We Work

  1. Face-to-face discovery session

    First, we meet with you and your family to become familiar with your entire financial picture. We identify your assets and liabilities, explore your goals and aspirations, discuss your income needs, evaluate your tolerance for risk, and discuss other important preferences.

  2. Financial profile and analyses

    Working with that wealth of information, we assess your current financial situation. We conduct stress tests to assess your ability to withstand market downturns and unexpected events, and determine which financial solutions might fill the gap. We create an asset allocation strategy designed to meet your goals, today and tomorrow.

  3. Recommendations and discussion

    In our second meeting with you we will present our recommendations and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to be your central source of information, integrating all your assets, services and financial solutions into a coherent whole.

  4. Develop action plan

    Once we have agreed upon solutions to meet your needs, we will develop a tactical action plan. Whenever possible, we take responsibility for doing what needs to be done, so you don’t have to.

  5. Implementation and oversight

    From engaging outside providers to wiring money, we will coordinate your entire financial strategy. We monitor and manage your investments daily, oversee your various professional relationships, deliver comprehensive and meaningful reports, and make adjustments based on changes in the investment environment, your financial affairs or family events.

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