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Fiduciary Briefcase

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The Gateway Retirement Consulting Fiduciary BriefcaseTM is a proprietary online portal designed to be your private filing system in the virtual world. Housing meeting summaries, compliance documents, newsletters and so much more ― our Fiduciary BriefcaseTM affords your committee any-time access to pertinent plan information and helps prepare your plan for audit.

Proper documentation is an important step in the fiduciary process. At the onset of each client relationship, we create a username and password for you to use to access your own Fiduciary Briefcase via our website. Serving as your personalized depository for plan documents and reports, we post all deliverables to the site for secure, anytime-access.

Resources stored to the site on your behalf include:

  • Customized Service Plan
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Committee Charter
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Plan Documents
  • Monthly Employer Newsletters
  • Quarterly Market Summaries
  • Sample Employee Memos
  • Participant Education Materials
  • Assigned Plan Consultant Contact information
    • Archived Gateway Advisory Reports
    • Fiduciary Investment Reviews
    • Fiduciary Plan Reviews
    • B3 Provider Analysis™ & Benchmarking Reports

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